Prado Mercearia is a grocery store, where clients can come in and purchase fresh locally grown produce, and wholesale.
But it's also a café, a deli, a wine bar, and a restaurant.
The true spirit behind Prado Mercearia goes back to early 20th century traditional grocery stores, and you can feel that from the moment you step inside.
Prado Mercearia quickly became a place where old and new literally meet. Not just the styles, but also the integration with the neighbourhood: the people that live nearby now have the habit of buying their daily bread, fruit or dairy at the new old grocery store around the corner.
It's also a great perch for passersby to sit and watch street scenes from our floor-to-ceiling glass windows, as they sip their just-ground coffee to help that big slice of homemade cake go down, or a glass of natural wine or craft beer as they nibble on their meat and cheese platter.